September 8, 2013

Nix the Tricks - Website and more!

We have been making some progress on the Nix the Tricks project. It's by no means done, but steps have been taken in the forward direction. The google doc was getting too overwhelming for me, and I knew everything that was in there and how to use the table of contents, it must have been seriously overwhelming for the rest of the people trying to navigate it! So, I split the sections into separate documents and launched a website - It introduces the project and helps a bit with navigating between the documents.

The section on tricks has been updated so that each trick is written up in the same format. The basics (name of the trick, why it's bad, the better replacements) are all there, so now it's time to start going into more depth. I wrote up one example of what I'd like to see happen for every trick:

(Some of the formatting got lost going from google doc to pdf, I'm not so excited about trying to figure that out when we make a printable version, but that's a long way off.)

Do you have a trick that you feel particularly passionate about? Would you be interested in working on just that one trick? Michael spent many hours matching mistakes with tricks, so there are examples of student work for most of the tricks that I can share with anyone interesting in writing.

We also need a volunteer to tag each trick with CCSS standards and grade level.

To help with either of those tasks or volunteer to do something else you'd like to see happen with this project, fill out the survey!

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