June 1, 2013

I'll Show You Mine: Supply Closet

I'm working on updating the #matheme page.  Last year we shared photos of our classrooms.  So last week when Out of the Zone posted What's in Your (Math) Closet? I suggested we share photos.  Got a few:

Adrienne Shlagbaum(@shlagteachCloset Pic 1: # bins (keep track of supplies) for ISN work, w/2 prs scissors, glue and ruler.

Adrienne Shlagbaum(@shlagteachCloset Pic 2: 10-sided, regular dice & cards (fraction dice in another)=more interesting practice ex.

Adrienne Shlagbaum(@shlagteachCloset Pic 3: Class Mgmt Bndr=procedures, expectations, forms; HW=Ss sign when not done, I sign when in

Tina C ‏(@crstn85) What's in your supply closet? Geoboards, calculators, golf pencils, construction paper, index cards, books, and candy 

Gregory Taylor(@mathtansLate to party. No closet in class, but here's prep room storage? Bit of everything to share around.

What's in your supply closet?  What supplies did you make sure were in the budget for next year?  I'm asking for radian protractors and 3-D conic sections!


  1. I love my ZAP board that I made and my kids do too.

  2. "I'm asking for radian protractors and 3-D conic sections!"

    Yay! Sometimes I wonder if it will ever catch on - I'm so happy to read that! :)

    Jen (www.proradian.net)