May 1, 2013

Matheme: Differentiation

Last night Kate gave a great Global Math talk about differentiation in math class.  If you weren’t able to watch it last night, it was recorded and you can watch the video (and see our chatter!).

Julie and I want you to blog about differentiation, and then we will post a compilation on both of our blogs.  So, if you would like to blog about differentiation, your post will be featured on both Julie's blog for MS Sunday Funday and the #matheme page.

To Submit your post on differentiation to both blogs:
1)  Comment to this post or tweet your link to me (@crstn85).  Include #matheme in your tweet.
2)  Click here to submit your post to MS Sunday Funday.  (Julie will post them next Sunday, May 12th.)

Can't wait to read what strategy you tried! 

(cross posted on Julie's blog and Productive Struggle)

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