December 8, 2012

Summer Programs

I've spent the past 7 summers working or participating in a math camp, so obviously I'm a fan of attending summer programs.  Sadly the first program I worked at, Summer Math at Mount Holyoke, is no longer in existence.  But the two programs I've attended for the past 5 years are still around and there's a new one that I can't wait to join this year!

Park City Math Institute:

Commonly known as PCMI, this is a three week long program in Park City Utah. Spend your morning working in groups through challenging and intriguing problem sets, followed by engaging discussions of pedagogy. Enjoy a buffet lunch outside before you join a group (chosen during application process) to create a product that will be used during the year. Evenings are filled with sessions, meetings of the minds to share practices/continue solving the problems, or enjoying wine and cheese while watching the sunset. Weekends offer the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of outdoor activities in the mountains and explorations of the quiet center of town. Park City is a ski destination, but summer is off season so you can enjoy deals and a slower pace.

Apply now:
June 30 – July 20

Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists, for Teachers

Commonly known as PROMYS for Teachers this is a six week long program at Boston University. It is best described as "drinking from a fire hose." The number theory course is so jam packed with ideas to discover and theorems to prove that people attend for two summers to have a second chance to access more of the curriculum. While pedagogy discussions are saved for the school year, the program models exactly the kind of classroom I aspire to have. Problem sets are well crafted to be perfectly scaffolded with multiple entry points. Lectures follow the problem sets, summarizing and making connections after you explore. The ratio of T^2's (teacher teachers) to participants is such that you get quality feedback on your work daily, and they practice questioning techniques that never give away solutions but get you to think carefully and figure things out for yourself. It's an intense program but I'm hoping to be there as a T^2 this summer, after participating in some aspect for 3 summers (the third was a hyperbolic geometry course run the same way) so I obviously think its a worthwhile way to spend the summer.

Apply soon, read all about it now:
July 1 - August 9 (I'm guessing, the dates aren't up yet) (I'm in that photo!)

Twitter Math Camp

Commonly know as #TMC13 this is a 4 day program which will be held at Drexel University this year. I missed #TMC12 but will definitely be attending this year. Details are still being planned but I can't wait for an exciting combination of problem solving, sharing and playing!

No application necessary:
July 25-28

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