November 9, 2012

Reflection on Day in the Life

It was more difficult than I anticipated to keep track of my day. I used a note taking app on my phone (simplenote) and several pieces of scrap paper (used hall passes are my favorite scrap paper lately).

I'm not sure how much detail is best- mine took a long time to write since I was trying to be accurate. Too much information makes it hard to read though.

Some days I feel like I was really busy, but wonder exactly how busy I was.  Reading back over everything I do in a day I realize I'm on the go, nonstop! I wish I could say yesterday was abnormal, but I've gotten home after 5 three nights this week. That was my "easy" day since I only taught two classes. Today I taught 3 geometry classes in a row, which means no break from 7:24 to 11:58. However I only had 4 students after school and napped when I got home. I brought home grading and prep work, but it will all wait until Sunday, Friday nights are for recovery and Saturdays are school free.  I also enjoyed looking back to see the bits of my day that weren't teaching math, there were moments of connecting with students, educating them on topics other than the current framework. Today I got back an email from the student whose college essay I read, he was thrilled that I read it and is planning to send along the final draft.  Those are the moments that make this job worth the exhaustion, both emotional and physical.

I'm looking forward to reading what everyone else has to share next week!

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