November 13, 2012

Day in the Life (Part 1)

One day in and we already have 6 submissions!  So we don't end up with one overwhelming list of all the posts I will share the contributions in small bundles for your reading pleasure.  Pick one, read all six or bookmark this page for later (they will also be on the #matheme page, but without the descriptions).  Don't forget to submit your contribution.

Big Smiles & Beers on MT|SM

Ohhhhh, today was annoying. One of those days where I was inches away from going off the deep end. At times I think I did.

A Day in My Life on An "Old Math Blog" Learning New Tricks

How a busy wife and mother of two's day looks. Some days I wonder how I do it all.

Socrates, Basketball, and Citizen Kane: A Day in the Life of a Math Teacher on Prime Factors

From planning a knock-out lesson in 13 minutes, to the first day of the basketball season and debating the artistic value of "The Notebook," it was a jam-packed day in the life of one math teacher in Michigan.

Welcome to My Life #DITLIFE on misscalcul8

This was harder than I thought. Even though this was long, I didn't even go into detail with my teaching, conversations, and internal decision making. I kept wanting to go into detail with everything but at the same time trying to keep it short and sweet. This was actually a day with minimal interruptions compared to some.

I hope this helps get our point across of what it is like to be a professional educator.

What I do is both valuable and undervalued.

I hope you can understand.

A day in the life of a math/stats teacher. on Roughly Normal

Stream of consciousness post about my day.

Week as Math Educator - Day 1 on Mathie x Pensive

Entire Monday, in first person perspective, with time stamps. Reasonably typical despite this being the first day of secondary school strike action in the province of Ontario. To be continued Tuesday.

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  1. Loved this! I've been logging my time today.. Will hopefully get it up later (or tomorrow).