August 6, 2012

Made for Math: Posters

My classroom is filled with the standard white concrete walls, plus a couple bulletin boards.  I like to have something up at the beginning of the year so it doesn't look totally boring, but still leave plenty of space for student work, student art and topic-specific information (this year it will just be vocab words in my school mandated word wall).  So, I browsed pinterest, nabbed some quotes from Anna and found images from my dropbox folder I wanted fresh copies of.


The Cone of Learning from the 3rd slide is for a lesson on study skills that I used last year and plan to do again. **Edit (8/6/12 7:30 pm) I just found out the Cone of Learning has no basis in research.  Debating if I should white out the percents or toss it entirely.

I also found these two comics:

All of the pages in color I printed at Staples (I don't use enough color ink at home to justify the expense and the one color printer at school is sooooo slooooow).  So of course, I walked around and bought a few things while I was there!

Penny folders (limit of 10, even for teachers) for homework- trying a binder system this year that I'll share once I have an actual plan.  My favorite pens for half price.  Tape since I'm planning to do foldables and flappers that will need to get taped into the binders.  Sheet protectors also half price, one per student to use as personal dry erase boards.


  1. going to get my quote folder:

    be yourself, everyone else is taken

    the will to win is useless without the will to prepare~yost

    a closed mouth gathers no foot

    no choice is also a choice~yiddish proverb

    Happy back to school,


  2. LOVE the Cone of Learning - I think I'll be stealing that one :) Thanks for sharing your Staples finds, I plan to go there this evening!

  3. Thanks for those additional quotes!

    Druin: I hope you saw that I just found out the percents on the Cone of Learning have no basis in research :( It's such a pretty picture I may use it without the numbers, still undecided though.

  4. Thanks for sharing the posters & comics! Once you've planned out your binder system, I'd love to hear more since I'm also revising the way I want students to organize their work this year.

  5. Love the posters! I print all of my color at school as well.


  6. You know, 39% of statistics are made up on the spot...including this one.

    Anyways, my favorite quote is "Mistakes are proof that you are trying..." Great encouragement!

  7. "Mistakes are proof that you are trying." Love this.

  8. I love the function world poster. That's definitely going up in at least one of our classrooms.

    1. I was so excited to find that one this year since I'm teaching pre calculus! The types of numbers one I had last year but my geometry kids didn't get all the jokes.