July 17, 2012

Google Forms

In the past couple days I've built a google form, learned the differences between multiple choice and check boxes, gotten some submissions, re-written the questions and linked entries from one spreadsheet to another so the final product is somewhat user friendly.  While the initial process was complicated, I now feel rather confident that I can use Google Forms and I'm looking forward to using them with my classes throughout the year.

That's where you come in:

Have you used Google Forms at school?  How did it work?  What types of forms are useful?  What pitfalls should I watch out for so next time this doesn't take so many steps?

My hint: if you use checkboxes, make the text for each box concise!  Everything next to the box will show up in your spreadsheet and it's hard to scan.  The extra line underneath the question is a great space to put all the wordy stuff if your options need explanations.

Can't wait to hear your ideas!


  1. A couple of things I've used forms for:
    1. Collecting the first day of school student data (like email, previous teachers, etc). Then I always have access to it even if I'm not in my classroom.

    2. When the kids are working on projects in class I have them fill out a daily update on what they've accomplished so far and what they still have left to do.

    3. End of the year surveys

    I love google forms!

  2. 1. Getting logistical and personal information from kids on the first day of school (things like do they have a graphing calculator and is it engraved to asking them to tell me a bit about their feelings about math, this year, etc... Then I wrote a short email to kids if they express a lot of anxiety, calming them down and letting them know I'm here for them)

    2. Feedback. I aperiodically get feedback from my class on how I'm doing, or how a particular activity went (if it's new and I remember to do it). End of year (and middle of year) surveys.


  3. Oh yeah! Not this year but in previous years, I've sometimes had students/groups collect data and enter it in a Google Form. And then I have all the group's data in one place...


  4. Thanks! Maybe I'll be that awesome teacher who reserves the laptops on the very first day of school for start of year questionnaires.

  5. I usually assign the start of year questionnaire (via google form) as homework, giving them a few days to get it done at home or in school. I also have parents fill one out and join the two spreadsheets that google forms creates so that all the student data is in one place. You can then use blank columns to enter more information about the student as the year continues.