April 5, 2012


Yesterday during lunch duty I was talking about what I really want to teach one of my classes*.  I just introduced fractions last week and we did a lesson on ordering fractions last class.  It involved putting fractions in order and then making observations.  During the conversation I realized it is much more important to me that the students be able to recognize patterns and describe them, than to do anything more with fractions.  So, then and there I decided we would spend some time studying a variety of patterns.  Of course, I totally forgot until later that evening, but I asked twitter for ideas and they responded brilliantly to my request.  So much so that I want to share with you exactly what they said (grouped by conversation, some liberties taken with ordering).

7:16 pm: Tina asks twitter for help

 What's your favorite pattern problem accessible to basic math kids? Decided at lunch today to study patterns tomorrow but forgot until now!

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